You're a student at a university, a university of applied science or any other institution of higher education? You're employed in the academic area and often have to write high quality texts of varying lengths in English or German? Your language skills are good but you lack the time or confidence to be certain that your text is the best it could be. Don't despair!




We are here to help you! Thanks to our own background in higher education  we know both how time-consuming this work can be and what the academic sector expects from a text. Do you have a bachelor's or a master's thesis, a dissertation or an article that needs to be ready for publication? Whether you need an entire or partial translation, someone to proof-read or give you advice, you can basically only benefit from having one, or in this case, two fresh pairs of eyes going over your work. With greater distance comes a new perspective which might even include new approaches to a certain topic.




You put too much time, effort, brainpower and heart into your work to unnecessarily risk losing marks due to annoying little mistakes. We can cater our services to your needs. Whether you need just a quick proof-reading or a longer term form of cooperation, we are here to help you present your work in the most beneficial light. Whatever we do: We only make suggestions, whether you take them onboard or not of course always remains your decision.




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